You're fresh off the meal plan and tired of eating only ramen and mac & cheese, but you don't know how to make anything else. The prospect of actually cooking real food for yourself, however, is rather daunting...

...Or is it?

Come with me as I share favorite recipes, kitchen tips, and stories about how to fill your college belly up the right way!


Tip: Leftovers

Do not be frightened if the recipe makes more than you can eat in one go!

In fact, it’s nice to be able to cook once and eat multiple meals from that one effort. A good plastic container in the fridge will keep most cooked foods fresh for a couple days. In the freezer, that freshness range can extend to months.

Just remember the Three Golden Rules of Food Storage*:

  1. Do not reheat a leftover and then stick in back in the refrigerator for later. This only encourages bacterial and fungal growth.
  2. If you have any question whatsoever about if something is still edible or not, be safe: it is not.
  3. Do not eat directly out of a container of leftovers unless you are planning to finish that particular container off by doing so. Otherwise, you are inoculating the food, encouraging bacterial and fungal growth**.

*Why, yes, I did just make that up!

**Your mouth has, at the very least, 23 different strains of bacteria in it at any given time. It has more bacteria than your computer keyboard, your cell phone, or even your toilet. This is also why double-dipping is so gross…unless it’s family, I guess?

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